What Pousada Functioning of hours?

The Pousada is open 24 hours a day.

What is the entry and exit times?

Daily rates begin at 1pm a day and end at 12 noon the next day.

If you go to 11pm for example one day I can be up to 11pm the next day?

No. The daily is not based on the 24-hour period after entry and should be respected the pre fixed times of arrival and departure in the hotel.

It would be possible to enter before or leave after the pre-determined periods?

Yes, it is possible to check-in (input) starting from 7am. morning or check out (output) to the. 7pm, paying up half day per shift used, but any availability will always be based on the availability of Pousada on the day of use.

How many people can be hosted in the rooms?

A maximum of 03 people, divided into rooms with double bed + extra bed or 03 single beds.

What Charging Policy for Children?

Children up to 05 years with parents in the same bed are free.

What is the cancellation policy? Return money deposited?

No, in view of the discount charged by the Pousada, our Cancellation Policy provides a credit of the amount deposited for one year after cancellation, for customer use or who indicate, may be charged the difference in values in case of change of tariff or period of high season.

What Pousada offers besides hosting?

The Pousada offers all his experience to indicate typical local eating places, music, entertainment, car rentals, and group tours and visiting sites, simply enter cm contact the front desk.

Pousada negotiates special rates for long stays?

Yes, the Pousada offers special packages for businesses, professionals and agencies, for long periods, ensuring the best price.

What is the origin of the word Itapuã?

“Ita” means stone and “Puã” who snores or screams. They say the Indians locals heard the splash, wave noise in a meeting with the stones, was made by stones that snored.